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The Next Generation of VR Productivity

Take your productivity to a new level with a fully customizable 360-degree desktop experience.

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The Next Generation of Desktop VR

When it comes to VR, we’ve been waiting for the hardware to catch up with the dream. VR Toolbox Plus is finally here to make the vision of a sophisticated 360-degree desktop experience a reality. Users customize their own visual environments and interface with all of their apps in real time — all in premium image quality with the 5K and 8K headsets. Welcome to the next generation of productivity.

Screen Size Doesn’t Matter

Today’s power users and professionals get their work done using multiple high-resolution screens, but physical space can often limit their productivity.

VR Toolbox empowers them to access all the screens they need in a customizable virtual environment – like a VR command center – and in 5K/8K clarity.

A Superior VR 360 Experience

Unlimited Screens

Open as many screens as you need, then size and position them however you like.

Real-time Screen Sync

All VRT screens sync in real-time, so you can keep up with your team’s projects without missing a beat.

High-Res Clarity

VRT offers out-of-the-box support for 5K/8K, and will support higher resolutions as they become available. Oversampling, antialiasing, and sharpness control are built in to enhance readability.

Walking Mode

Naturally “move” among the screens in your environment using both controllers and gesture + HMD orientation to move forwards or backwards in a desired direction.


Customize your environment with timeless arcade themes and a variety of new props.

Real User Desktop Screenshots

Use Cases



Security offices for large commercial and industrial sites often manage dozens of surveillance feeds, which, in many cases, cannot be effectively monitored at the same time.
Until now, VR/AR environments have not been able to deliver the resolution required for monitoring surveillance video. With VRT, security offices can create a rich 360-degree environment featuring as many security streams as they need, each with 5K/8K clarity.


Simulation hardware, such as a flight simulator, comes with a steep price tag. With VRT’s powerful 5K/8K resolution, simulation-quality environments for a variety of applications can be created with minimal cost.


3D Design

CAD designers – across a full spectrum of industries, such as automotive and aircraft design – require a high level of resolution that VR/AR environments have, to date, simply been unable to deliver. With VRT, multiple CAD screens can be accessed in a single 360-degree environment, each with the 5K/8K resolution detailed 3D drawings require.

Software Development

Software developers work at a frenetic pace and require access to multiple screens for applications such as code development, UI design, and project management.
With VRT, developers can customize a virtual environment that puts all the necessary applications right at their fingertips, and in a flexible arrangement that suits their specific style of working.

IT Monitoring

With global networks growing and expanding at a high rate, IT monitoring – which can include dozens of performance and capacity parameters – has become a critical part of countless organizations. With VRT, businesses can connect to all monitoring systems via a secure browser and push the screens into a centralized virtual view, where they can all be closely monitored by a single IT specialist.

Stock Trading

Stock traders rely on multiple screens streaming live market data, where a single misstep can result in heavy losses. VRT gives them the power to stream moving market data on as many screens as they need, all with the 5K/8K quality they need to see opportunities and act on them fast.

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In Their Words

Game Changer for Visual Adaptive Technology Needs

“I have been using VR Toolbox increasingly over the last few months. I bought a Vive, specifically so that I could have a VR monitor over a conventional monitor. Because of VR Toolbox, formally called, VR Light, my expecations are being exceeded…”

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Highly Recommended for Multitaskers, Engineers, Artists

“Roughly 5 months has passed since my original VR Toolbox review and I have logged well over 1,000 hours, in-helmet. It has become invaluable to me and seems unmatched in terms of flexibility and control in the “VR desktop” and “room simulation” space.”

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Great for Art Work

“I am still loving this software after putting in nearly 1550 hours. What I love about this software is the nearly unlimited ability to create a room with as many screens as you want. This software is great for art work because you can bring in images as reference and continue to work in your chosen program.”

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Highly Customizable 3D Space

“This is an amazing program and recommend it to anybody that wants a “3D desktop”. A way to work with your oiginal desktop. Work with webapps like Google’s services (Calendar, Keep, etc.) and even place individual programs wherever you want. That plus the highly customizable 3D space you can use is amazing.”

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Best Virtual Office Available

“This is the best Virtual Office available. Not one of the VR Desktop programs are perfect, they all have their strengths and weaknesses, but VR Toolbox does everything i’ve asked of it very well if not perfectly.”

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